Bastion of Twilight

Soo yeah catching up, I ran some arenas with Janusz to get the max points for the week.  Warlocks suck and frost mages are bullshit.  Learning the pvp dance again will be something to do though.

Last night we tried the Twilight Bastion raid and repeatedly die around 1-2 minutes into the first fight.


there was much harping around needing to know the fight, which is a no brainer, but we all know that these hard fights also need to be experienced and you need to click as a team. You can watch all the videos you want but seeing and knowing, and doing and knowing are two different things.  So, we got nowhere but that was not surprising.  Look at what a mess the bosses in ICC were to begin with,  and most of those required no cc, and much less TEAM cooperation. And those people that got it on 25 heroic already? I wouldn’t want to get anything that fast personally.


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