One for me, one for *hic*

Today I bought the stronger spellthread patterns and then realized I needed 85 to get it.  Bleh.  I went off to Twilight Highlands to quest.  I liked this flying one, where you kill the Twilight guys on the rocks.  I first tried to kill them myself on the stones in the air, but after being knocked off twice I went back to get the gryphon.


I am also making solid use of my mirrors and other mage tricks just not to die, a lot.


And aww.  I rescure the baby gryphon which you can also get as a plush toy and in game pet. I want it!


I quest until I get to around 55% then take a break.  I did love “Fight like a Wildhammer” quest where I took a chug of ale every time I picked up a keg, though, and ran around fighting drunk XD

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