The dilemma I am running into now, is the quests are so good, so many of them, that it is hard to do them and post what I find is interesting.  Because, it’s all interesting! So! Here are some I took earlier today.

This picture I am in a creature named Nespirah, which seems related to Cruma’s in Lineage 2 only this one is actually alive.  I head inside of it with someone from the Earthen Ring and we note there are slaves mining pearls.


One string of quests involved me saving the slaves, by grabbing them with this rope and slinging them back to me.  This is one mid-swing XD


and I’d like to point out, that screenshots rarely does this game justice, you have to see it in full motion to really get the best view of it.

After several more quests we trap a crab that is used to communicate with this giant creature.


Off to save it, I head near the top of it to beat a boss there, and run into a dwarf hunter named Berzer who invites me to party so we can both get it.  So nice! After the boss is destroyed, the creatures inner… blobs? form up to beat the naga inside.  It’s very Avatar.


Some other cute quests involved coating the divers with protective chemicals taken from the anemone’s  which attracts pet fish to them…


a quest where I can be a naga and see their viewpoint of some things…


and meet their queen


and help defend their area from vrykul looking guys. And while I was off doing some other quests after that, bad timing strikes the safe house I was helping protect.


I hit 82 shortly after this, and equip the necklace Stout made me, and replace 2 purple epics with…. greens. Sob!

Later that night I try to finish off the Final Judgment quest, but it appears that since the other players aren’t doing it right, the timer keeps resetting.  That or I am not doing it right.  On Wowhead it says to stay by the npcs, but I parked at the NPCs for like 20 minutes and didn’t get anywhere. The timer only shows up if you leave the building, even just slightly past it, but resets constantly, and if you are IN the building the mobs just spawn forever.

While that is going on my new guild is trying to find a healer for the Blood Ring thing, but the required level is 84 and I’m still 82.  I get a slightly sinking feeling about being excluded because of my level, thinking back to being 77 while all the 78+’s in Lineage 2 got to exp and party on Hellbound while I was left out, for months.  Fortunately I should hit the proper levels here, probably within the week. It’s not a good feeling to be left out soley on a level or 2 though.

A guild member, Dontpuntme sends me 3 stacks of Cinderbloom, of which I’ve found none yet, so I sent them all the Volatile Life I had, which they needed.  I had 9 at the time.  Apparently they are going for 30g per on the AH.

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