Naga stole my bike

This morning I got nowhere with that naga quest again, because other players kept killing the mobs before they went anywhere.  I gave up and went out herbing, then decided to go find some dungeon entrances so maybe I can actually do one. I find the Throne of Tides since I’m in the area. My gut feeling earlier to jump in the vortex was right apparently.


I queue for for Throne of Tides and about 15 mins later I get in.


It is BEAUTIFUL.  Again, still shots really don’t do it justice, and later on there is a movie sequence.


Though I will point out, when Lady Naz’jar yells out “Meddlesome gnats! you think us defeated so easily!”… Blood Queen in ICC says the same thing nearly word for word.  And the last  boss, is clearly, clearly a poke at  BP with the nasty oily filth pouring down staining the NPC you have to protect.


We do pretty well, for a first go, but there are deaths all around. I died once, the rogue, the shaman, basically everyone but the tank died at least once. I RIP through my mp now like nobodies business.  I am going to HAVE to start using the regular Heal spell, as renew is too pricey, and Flash heal, geez.  Flash is 2k mp and heals for around 10k (I have 45k right now), Heal cost about 700 and heals for 5,550, and Greater Heal costs 2k mp and heals for about 15k.  And the heals are all base amounts, no crits, buffs,  and gear figured in.  Oh and renew costs 1400 roughly and heals for around 1800 every 2.5 seconds for 12 seconds.

I think after this little dungeon I’m going to move Renew to where I had Psychic Scream, since I really only need that on my PVP/soloing spec, put Heal where Renew was, and start using Greater Heal a lot more.

I’m sort of afraid to see how pvp is going to roll.

Anyway I came out of that encounter with a new cloak (i level 308), a new ring (308) and a new trinket (308).  This takes up my average item level to 282.

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