Trial Runs <> Carries

We did well in our raid this week and Nilv was substituting for Dor. I got tier legs and wasted 6 tokens and got all gold and a back I did not need.

So I told Iocane this a few days ago but I said I hoped the druid didn’t all “so long and thanks for all the fish” and sometime this morning he gquit. He said he didnt like being benched. First of all, you need to be on a team to be benched. Benched implies you had a spot. It was a trial run. He said he didn’t know the fights, and I said it wasn’t that it was he didn’t know how to play. I said it nicely though. I swear! He said this on his app too, but he again said he felt he should get another chance. I told him it’s not that kind of raid spot, you bring your A game and maybe get a spot, not play like a derp. We’re not a teaching raid.

Whatever. Ugh. He said he didn’t hold us back on progression, yeah it’s called a carry and you’re welcome.

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