Cloud Serpents

Let’s see.  Last night Shell wasn’t around as of 9:40 so we had Nilv tank and pugged a healer.  I’m not so happy sitting around only to pug,  I mean that’s obvious but sometimes this stuff works out this way to raid. The thing is, I don’t really want to raid any more.  I like to log in and do whatever I want and log back out again.  Schedules of any kind I don’t want now.

Anyway we cleared up to Ji Kun, I got a non spirit helm so I suppose I should try to work on that meta.  Horridon did not drop the trinket and using a token just got me gold.

I finished exalted with Cloud Serpents already which only took 2 days and dropped 7k for the AC thundering serpent.  They are pretty but I prefer being on a gryphon just because they are small. And LOL at this thing.


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