I meant to die like that

Logged in and waited 5 minutes for a random only to have it be Oculus again and locked up straight away.  Had to end task out then got CoS.  That was ok but the hunter went “afk” just before we entered the inn and just stayed that way until the last boss, which he also missed because he was so far behind in the instance.  I thanked him sarcastically after the loot rolled especially since he won at least one item he had no hand in earning. Jerk.

I then got picked up in an ICC 10 raid. I had to reload my Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) and Healbot, and reconfigure my stupid Quartz casting bar once again.  We wiped several times just on Gunship, though I had a bit of fun since I was asked to go to the other boat to heal the warrior on a failed glitch attempt.

I was mid-dying right there, but it looks sort of funny huh?  We ended up having to do that on regular, which is failsauce.

I also am not sure what my shields absorbed before but it’s clearly less now.  That or my xperl isn’t working right.  I put on a shield and it’s ripped down almost the same instant.  Not liking that.  We get down Rotface and I win Choker of Filthy Diamonds, to replace a DPS necklace I was still wearing.

I put up Power Word Barrier (PW B) in the bug room just before Professor Putricide and it gets torn down almost instantly. I sure hope that gets tweaked.

With no vent, we wipe quickly on Putricide. However on the second try we get him down and 6 people get the achievement, so that explains some of our trouble. I had previously given notice that I had to go after this one, and they call it a night.  All in all getting that far with no vent is still pretty good.

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