There was no loot, hey!

As I’m on my priest thanks to SOMEONE wasting my time asking for a transmute, I join group with Maice and run a dungeon and get Gundrak. Now that everyone wants to do all bosses again for Justice Points, we run Eck the Ferocious and I earn the What the Eck? achievement. I miss the daily random dungeon bonus. Running a full clear in Old Kingdom is going to be hell.


I queued up for the Headless Horseman and since the cog is still giving people trouble, we all hover around it not clicking it until the paladin gets back from his crash.

We manage to get it summoned and kill him and I receive my Loot Filled Pumpkin, only I right click it to open it and get a message that “There was no loot” and it vanishes. 🙁  I think it does that since JP isn’t an item it’s just points but still that’s a cruel message to give someone. Kelacie-Alleria hangs around with me while I enter a ticket about that.  I doubt I’ll hear anything in the next few days.

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