40g a run, right

Ran EotS and the horde raped us all the way back to the first spawn zone, and since you have to fall down to get anywhere, they just destroyed us each time. I just sat down and waited out the inevitable win on their part.  I’m fairly certain the horde runs full premade groups in Eye of the Storm because they do this often.

I then get WSG and despite being brutally taken to task by several Horde rogues repeatedly we win and I get the Warsong Expendience achievement.

For the last BG I get Alterac Valley which I dislike for both its size (you can run for like 2 minutes straight and not find anyone) and it’s length (battles can go on for hours it seems).

This one we also end up getting absolutely destroyed back to our starting spawn point and it just stays bad like that until we lose. I really hate AV.

I cool my jets in WG where we destroy Horde wee wee wee all the way home. I am happy again! I get mail from someone who wanted me to make them an Elixir of Minor Fortitude, create the items and mail them back.  There is a great deal more of trust in this game, that’s for sure.  I log out.

At night I log in and queue for my daily dungeon.  I get Halls of Reflections, oh I groan.  The ground inside is already littered with bones of failure and I’m told they’ve already gone around a few healers.  Fantastic.

We wipe 2x on trash for reasons I don’t have time to see but it seemed to be mostly dps related as the priest is doing 3100, the rogue 3100, the boomkin 2800 and the tank 1705.  So that explains a lot of it.  I am healing more than I do on heroic ICC let me put it that way. I tell them “last try” since I’m wasting Firecracker Salmon and reagents all over the place and what do you know we hit the first boss.

then the second, and start the gauntlet. I never really noticed Jaina is rocking an ice mage’s shield here.

We barely make it through running away from the Lich King, and I had to pop Divine Hymn but we do in fact make it. I pat myself on the back.

The Skybreaker shows up and we get our loot.  I go run for repairs that run me 47g. Lovely.  If only that PoS group yesterday had actually paid me 40g huh?

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