Poor Martin Victus

I log in and stand around in town a bit seeing what raids are going on.  I already did VOA 10/25 which I verified on my in game calendar which tracks such things.   I’d like to do Ruby Sanctum (RS) but the only group looking for (LF) people wants the achievement linked, which I have on Silver but not the priest.

Arashikage is the only friend online and we jabber on about expansion changes. I see someone offering 40g for someone to heal Pit of Saron (PoS).  The RS person is being very specific on wanting a SHAMAN healer too, nothing else. Bleh. I decide to offer to heal in the PoS group as I have nothing else going on. We’re still at the mercy of a tank queuing up though so we have to wait quite a bit.  Of course, quite a bit in WoW is like, 10 minutes maybe. I remember to put on my Wyrmrest Accord tabard so I can level up rep for them. Average wait time shows 16 damn minutes for PoS, omg what did I get myself into! (I didn’t get 40g btw)

The ready check comes up but a tank declines it so we’re back to waiting again. I hate that. We get in and we pull too much and I die right away and obviously with no heals everyone dies.

There is the usual WHO PULLED THAT??? in party chat and I say that it came up behind us, which is no ones fault other than people not clearing roaming mobs.

Other than that little mess, the rest of the dungeon goes smoothly, very much so. Even the run through the tunnel with the ice falling on our heads is no problem. Of course, I do rock at healing.

We hit sexy voiced Scourgelord Tyrannus and he goes down fairly easy…

…other than the hunter continuing to dps during Overlord’s Brand and nearly killing the tank.  This was the same hunter who got himself killed during Ick and Kricks Poison Nova too though. He was clearly noobish besides all that, coming in with 2449 dps, on par with the tank with the rogue doing 5455 and other hunter 6915.

And alas we lose poor poor Martin Victus to a sneak attack by that sand paper voiced Sindragosa.

Run dude run!

I then queue up for WG and turns out the whole guild that is online is there too. I pop on my PVP gear using Equipment Manager.


It’s nearly impossible to pvp heal and take screenshots, I mean you’d need a video to see how awesome I heal.  Still at one point I run to Sunken and find a lone warlock fighting a GOD DAMN boomkin and catch him just just before he dies, THEN the calvary tromps in and beats the horde right out of the area. So very much win!

At a IRL lunch today Maice said he could use some Flasks of Endless Rage and since I have way too many I mail him 20.  Gotta keep your tanks happy or nobody gets to do anything!

I queue up for a random battleground and get Isle of Conquest again, yay! I die pretty quick though since a ton of horde were at the gates already.

I can tell this is going to go well when I get sapped by a rogue (probably an UNDEAD ONE) and the alliance around me actually notices and starts spraying spells around trying to knock them out of stealth.  I love you people really!

I get some more thanks for the awesome healing, which I get fairly often, and we win! I pick up the Mine achievement. I like sorting by healing done  😀


I am full up on playing today so I log for the night.

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