Day to day operations

Log onto the priest and WG is about an hour and a half away.  I sell my grey items and an old sword to the vendor, then visit the bank and deposit dusts/shards and some other things.  I pick up my mail from the mage

and send one back containing my Frostweave cloth, chilled meat (since I didn’t learn cooking very high on this char) and crystallized fire.

There’s a political discussion going on in chat about Republican, Democratic, and Tea Party, parties going on in trade chat.  I see no reason to comment. Ooh I stand in front of the Horde area of town just to gape at the blood elves, this one is a paladin too!

I use my Mind Vision to get a look into what I assume is the Horde Inn.

I queue up for a random dungeon to earn my 2 Frost Badges a day and 26 gold. I don’t have to wait very long as a healer.

I get Halls of Stone (HoS) and like my last few HoS groups, the dps is low

the tank is slow and wants to do optional bosses which makes the whole run take FOREVER…

and we wipe. I leave the group fully willing to accept the deserter buff, but it took so long to get down one boss I can queue right up again.

This time I get another group quickly, only a dps times out and I’m back in the queue for another minute or so. This time I get Utgarde Pinnacle (UP) which is one of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites scenes, of a 2 story Lich King image turning a vrykul into a Val’kyr.

Then the beast room.

and a Worgen which will be seen in Cataclysm as a playable class.

Using the harpoons to get Skadi the Ruthless off his drake.  I almost lose someone here because they stood in the path of his Whirlwind.  I hate warriors and stupid whirlwind.

The mage drops in the room before the final boss and the bear tank admits he’s “rusty”.  I shield the mage prior to the mobs in the boss room and still nearly lose him, but manage to heal up from 1%.

The last boss gives us little problems but during the cowering stage I am glad I kept Prayer of Mending bouncing around to handle the damage while I could not heal. I FINALLY get my frost emblems and gold and log out.

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