First Post

Logged in and saw that WG was already in progress so ran and queued up for it.  Other than an annoying Tauren shaman standing on the inner west wall blasting people, it wasn’t very eventful and we spent another round grinding horde into their own camp.  I forgot to equip my pvp gear but I still didn’t die at all the entire time!

I then get in a Vault of Archavon (VOA) 10 man group and it takes forever to find a second healer.  Then a tank drops and we have to wait another 10 minutes or so for another. Nothing cloth drops, at all.

VOA 25 I’d rather not talk about but basically a warrior decides to take on trash mobs, I get flattened by a rogue mob and die, and the group basically wipes.  We then try to go again short 1 healer and wipe half the group again.  We fail miserably at the Frost boss, about 6 people leave, we regroup and get him down.  Nothing cloth drops.  We also do the fire boss and again, nothing cloth drops. It took me a full hour or so to do these 2, I was kind of pissed. The frost mage crows that she had 7600 dps, mostly by not ever switching to the Frozen Orbs, adding yet another mage to my list of mages that suck.  I haven’t found a pleasant one yet anyway.

I then queue for my dungeon daily and get Violet Hold (VH) and we do ok. I get the Dehydration achievement from the water boss.

It is difficult to heal and hide the interface at the same time XD

Second boss is the fire dog, who is the model for the pet that comes with purchasing an authenticator.

We down the angry blue dragon with no trouble at all.  I get my frost badges, and win disenchant rolls on both pieces of armor (my rolls are hax all around) and log shortly after.

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