I stop being a jerk, sometimes

Decided to pop on my mage and go out mining, though I did my fishing daily first, which launched the poison and recipe quests as well, lucky day!

When I go to turn in my fishing quest, I see a male blood elf PRIEST, probably the first one I’ve ever seen.  I must have made it obvious that I was looking at them because they wave to me, so I wave back and blow a kiss.

While I’m out mining I notice that when Orgims Hammer and the Skybreaker pass each other, they fire back and forth.

I spent some time killing their NPCs.

I run out of MP trying to kill this guy though, tried it three times and I’d run out of mp both times with about 10% hp left. Bummer.  I wonder if this guy is named after the Davos in the Song of Ice and Fire books since he’s on a boat and all.

I stop being a jerk, since no horde are coming to defend, and head back to mining.  Afterwards I head back to Dal, clean up some bags and realize I have TWO full bags just of old gear.  Eeesh.  I need to do something about that.  I smelt the saronite to send to Ocyla to transmute, then queue up for WG. It tells me to wait. Sigh.  I do not get in.

I then head to Stormwind to check out the new gear vendors. Yes, this stuff is way better than my epic gear is now.  Too bad it requires level 85. Damn.  Going back to wearing blues will be humbling.

I put in for a Character Recustomization to have my name changed to Elleria, which took me like 4 days to come up with since everything else I could think of was already taken.

I run WSG and we lose, I end up with 7 killing blows, 41 HK’s and 49 whole honor. I also get the Not In My House achievement.

Later I run WG and, I’m sorry, but what the fuck?  The horde gets like 5 vehicles in the first 5 minutes, rolls through the keep and wins it in under 7 minutes.  How the hell do they get vehicles so fast?  And I’m not talking catas, they had a demo rolling out within the first 3 mins of it starting, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?  They had 2 sieges and another demo (because I broke the first) within 2 mins of that.  When we’re attacking in WG I can’t rank up fast enough to get anything but a cata.

Of course since there were no alliance at the keep other than 1 other and myself, who knows, it may have been a bunch of horde alts farming HK’s.  I’m mad.  We only had 6 people this raid, at prime time, that’s sad.  I logged out pretty ticked.

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