Fishing dailies

I log in and pick up my fishing daily which is The Ghostfish again (yay!) and the cooking daily is Convention at the Legerdemain which is also my favorite.  I like that one because I can easily cook up the stew and then nab my bottle of wine.

Plus you just have to run across the way to turn it in, to a lounge I’d love to stay in for real. Oddly enough I never noticed this guy was a high elf, maybe he’d like to go upstairs with me, ah ha ha XD  Bar tenders are easy, no?

I get my 9 gold and bag of spices then go to the ghostfish. Reminder, the ghostfish must be eaten within 60 seconds or it vanishes!  I remember to bolt my frostweave cloth to save room in inventory; it takes 5 cloth to make 1 bolt. While I’m out this way I head to WG to do my Bones and Arrows pvp quest.

Why do I look like I’m constantly mid-sigh? Ugh. Those mobs are also a great source of Crystallized Shadow which is another reason why I love WG so much. All the crystallized elements can be found here, as long as you are willing to risk some pvp. I turn that in and get my money and Stone Keeper Shards. I hitch the WG portal back to Dalaran and turn in the fishing quest. My haul is more junk and 10 gold.

I kick myself when flying to the Shadow Vault because I see a Titanium Vein part way there. I fly back, is it still there? YES! WOO!

I grab a few more Saronite veins, one containing a Scarlet Ruby. I get tromped on by an elite getting one node and have to sit and eat my mage food.

I decide to skip the Shadow Vault quests for right now and get the Assault by Ground one from the Skybreaker Squad Leader.

We go through several ambushes before arriving at the village.

I FLY back back to get my award of 13g, I learned my lesson trying to walk back down before and dying to said respawned ambushes.

On my way to join the WG battle I hit another Titanium Vein; this is a lucky day. I get rank 1 and build a catapult, and on my way to FlameWatch Tower, another Titanium Vein! Omg! I hop out, mine it, then set to breaking down the towers.

There are very few Horde on, seems like only a few paladins who have something like 20 stacks of Tenacity and take 10 Alliance just to kill.  We win like usual.

I fly around looking for ore and get another Titanium vein, I am on a roll!  I am up to 2 full stacks (20) of Titanium Ore. Too bad its value has dropped considerably lately, from 300g a stack or more to less than 120.  Then I find another, what a lucky day indeed!

Stoutspectre, who got me in this game originally, links me some items which I control+click on to preview on my character.  NICE

And this is exactly why I fly on a gryphon, for their compact size when trying to land ON a node because there is nowhere else to stand.

I find 2 more Titanium Nodes and then hit WG again with Stout.  We destroy the Horde despite their Tenacity again and have some fun along the way in the chopper!

Although I beg it’s a bad idea to take off gear anywhere in WG 😉 Then I take a break.

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