We got nothing with no tanks

I see two different groups trying for the Lich King tonight so I switch to my mage and join up.  The group “only” needs 2 tanks and 2 healers which is little better than “we got nothing”.

We get the healers and the tank and have the usual bout of retards who can’t get into vent, or don’t have headsets, etc. I more or less tell one of them they are being stupid and they insist they are not. Whatever. Then we get to Sindragosa’s Lair and someone pulls the Whelps with no one ready or buffed.  Then the healer says she doesn’t even fucking know the fight.  Yeah, wow, this is starting out so fail I don’t even know where to go.

More than one person in the group admits they don’t even know the Sindragosa fight so I ask in vent if anyone here has downed the LK yet.  They all say no.  It’s like wow holy shit how can you start up a LK killing group and you don’t even know the fight???  I want to blast them all to cinders where they stand OMG. I am clearly just wasting my flipping time right now, but it’s nearly 10 pm and I’m already locked into this disaster.  Thank GOD in the expansion you won’t get locked unless you down a boss.

Excluding the AOE damage, the dps can only be described as “suck ass” with some people below 5k so we’re clearly going nowhere tonight.  I’ll give it my 3 death try rule though. (I will not die more than 3 times in a pug on anything)

Stuff like this is why people say, MUST KNOW FIGHTS.  It’s because those of us that have run it 10000 times already, don’t have to put up with wet behind the ears people and we don’t have to listen to how to do it for the hundred millionth time. Oh and have the inevitable wipes because people don’t know what to do.

We fail miserably 3x in a row and I tell them it’s later than I thought which is way more polite than I figured I’d be and drop vent and group.  Yeah thanks for wasting my time people. Remind me next time to ask if they have even done LK BEFORE joining. I log out.

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