Questing in WG

I log in and run my Horseman daily, noting that the priest healer did zero healing the entire fight and just stood there doing nothing.  I sarcastically thank them for nothing.  The rogue nearly died during that.

I then head to the forge and melt all my saronite ore down to bars, as well as the cobalt ore, Eternium Ore, and any other ore besides Titanium that I have.

I pick up the cooking daily which is Sewer Stew and pick carrots in Crystalsong Forest, then grab the fishing daily which is Dangerously Delicious.  Before I head to WG for that I do some mining around Ice Crown to start earning money for higher repair bills.

Along the way I grab and complete the King of the Mountain daily for a nice 13g.

I head back to Dalaran, queuing for WG 10 mins before it starts through the menu as I fly and turn in Sewer Stew for nearly 10g, my cooking award, and a bag of spices.

I go to WG and pick up all my PVP quests. I fish in WG to get my Terrorfish for about 8 minutes, then it tells me WG is full and ports me out.  I am REALLY getting sick of that. I then leave queue, requeue and get in. Go figure.  I only die once, build a siege engine, take down a tower before it gets destroyed, and earn something like 50 honor. I blow kisses to one particular blood elf paladin at least 2 times before he dies XD  We win, and I turn in my quests for 13g times 4 plus 16 honor per. I could have sworn I did VOA already but I check my calendar and I have not.

I do Warding the Warriors and it seems the large versions of the elementals no longer give 2x the armor like they use to.  I continue to fly around gathering ore, then grab the Skybreaker Assault by Ground quest, the one I did before to escort the men up the mountain. 13g richer I pick up Assault by Air daily as well. I have NOT done that one before.  I think it’s a little buggy since I had to do 3 flights, and even not paying attention and doing nothing got me 2 quest items, and firing like crazy got me 1, and another 13g in the bag.

I then head up to the Skybreaker and talk to Thassarian, who has a cool story in the comics, and grab the daily quests Not a Bug, Drag and Drop, and That’s Abominable!

WG is up again and I queue for that.  We nearly lose thanks to no one responding to my inquiries on where the horde vehicles are. There was one on the way east side plugging away for many minutes unnoticed.  I run into my old pain in the butt horde warrior named Deerslayer, the one I fought against once with a DK on my priest for a good 5 minutes straight.  He notices me and charges for a stun but I blink out and he goes down, but not without a decent fight.

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