Not a sentry!

I run the horseman early this morning and get the Mask Task achievement by earning a Flimsy Dwarven Mask.  I do my fishing Daily of Jewel of the Sewers and get 9g, a New Age Painting grey item worth 25g, and a Waterlogged Recipe which can start another quest but I may sell it because I really don’t need the cooking tokens right now.

I then head to the inn in Dalaran and Trick or Treat the innkeeper and get a treat bag which has a Flimsy Female Troll mask.

I head out to go mining again and while I’m in Ice Crown I do the Not a Bug quest. I am very annoyed I cannot right click off that stupid pumpkin head, by the way. Not a Bug you collect Dark Matter from the summoned Voids then go to a dark crystal and summon a new one to spy on the enemy.

Drag and Drop is fun and easy as well, you kill Bitter Initiates for orbs to throw at the Dark Subjugator, which makes them look like a “good” guy,  and then  a Sentry picks them up and flies off, dropping them over the edge to their death.

The That’s Abominable! is even more fun, where you generate a horrible construct of your own …

then sent it into Alliance soldiers that were turned into abominations by Arthas to server as scourge.  Its best abilities are Flatulate, which I generally don’t use but it’s funny, and Burst at the Seams which AOE explodes killing many abominations of alliance dead at once.  I like it a lot. During all this I continue to mine my ore as it comes up, and gather silver and cloth from random mobs. I return to the Skybreaker and turn in my 3 quests for 13g each.

On the way to finish some old quests I have from the same npc, I run my Assault by Ground and Air quests too. I like Assault by Air even if you have to run it a few times just to see the Vyrkul scrambling over roof tops to throw spears at you.

I get bored of mining and return to Dal to smelt my Saronite Ore, then sent it to my priest to convert it with her Alchemy into Titanium bars. I have so much I have to send 2 emails.

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