Internal Bag Error

Today I spent time mining, in between a few WG battles which we won. It is getting more balanced now however, with more Horde joining against what seems like an equal amount of alliance and ends up with a lot of close calls. Much more exciting. I target and knock down at least 3 Blood elf paladins, tosses kisses when I can manage it XD I fish in WG for about an hour also to get the fish needed for the feasts.

I also head to Moa’ki Harbor area and fish up 3 stacks of Dragonfin Angelfish and spam them on the AH. I should have sold them in stacks but I wasn’t thinking straight. I am unable to buy Northern Spices from the vendor because of an “internal bag error”. Apparently everyone is getting that. Maice gives me some so I can make some more Fish Feasts.

Maice also prospects 3 stacks of Titanium Ore I have and I end up with a slew of blue and purple gems, and some Titanium Dusts which I offer him but he says he doesn’t need it. My gold pile could use some work so I put that up on the AH also.

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