Can’t mine until max mining level, WUT?

This morning I log in and try to level up mining, only I repeatedly see Pyrite nodes but I can’t mine it until 525.  It takes about an hour to get the last 8 mining points to hit 525.


Of course after I hit that, I only see one Pyrite node.  I farm up around 5 stacks of Elementium Ore, and the nodes are stingy with the Volatiles items and I only get like one per 10 nodes.  I get one gem, a Ember Topaz.  I get a little tired of flying around so I stand around in a spot where I had just farmed a node, and one spawned again shortly after.  Nice! Lazy mining at its best.  Elementium spawns WAY more than Obisdium I noticed, when I see up to 4 nodes in the same area I am in.  Amazing.


I finish farming like a crazy person and rack up nearly 10 stacks of the ore, and 13 Pyrite.  I didn’t get any more gems but got a few Volatile Fires, Earth and Water.  I can use the fires in tailoring.

I head back to SW and there is a funny discussion about getting ports to various places and Seology remarks that “Mage’s aren’t a magic door, they can’t send you everywhere”.  So true!

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