Alliance need to be prettier

After the farming on my mage this morning, I go back to the priest and pick up some of my first.  First of course running into Stout in SEXAH FORM!


Back into the water in Vashj’ir I loot some treasures…


get to watch a hilarious cut scene where I put this awful squid thing on my head…


drain the life out of more Faceless creeps…


head back to Stormwind and get sprinkled with snow…


and get to meet Anduin, the King of Stormwinds now more grown up son.


I am impressed with his mechanics because he mounts up when you mount up, and gets on a flying mount when you fly.  This eliminates the hilarious pathing NPCs would do by climbing over impossible to climb areas like mountains just because they were chain AFing you.

Anyway to head to the docks and grill some dockworkers for information about the cult, and I LOVE that my casting bar literally says “Grilling”


We follow a trail of gruesome cow parts to an altar where a fight insues, and I get beat half to death so I didn’t manage to screenshot any of it.  But here I learn that the prince is part priest because he can cast Power Word Shield on himself. We head back to S7 and scout some stuff and then he hearthed out.


Deep in the Cathedral I have to fight this jerk, who vanishes and teleports around the room and reappears, throwing spells at me including Penance.  Jerk, those are mine!


then we unmark Major Samuelson who draws a dagger and tries to kill the King.


then after a beat down by the guards transforms..


into a Faceless looking thing.


That was cool wish I had been frapsing it.  Anyway after we killed that guy I get a trip on an airplane thing and end up passing out when it takes off FAST.


at the Twilight Highlands I get to kill Horde, but my holy spells aren’t doing so well and I get my ass kicked quite a bit.  Thanks to something I’ll rant about later, my survivability with my heals isn’t as good either. I spent some time after my 10 horde deaths farming herbs and get my Alchemy up to about 215.  I break down and buy overpriced gems on the AH to get it a few points higher by transmuting some gems.  Apparently the new transmutes have no cool down, but my wrath ones had a daily cool down just a few weeks ago? Ok?

Also even though I have spec’d into Flask making, not a single flask I made yesterday or today has proc’d, leaving me making one per attempt.  What’s up with that? Lame.

At night I run Vortex Pinnacle with a group new to the area and the run takes forever.  Even though I specifically tell everyone to stand in the triangle the boss makes, the hunter ignores everyone standing together, and doesn’t move during the storm one bit, and dies.  I get a new pair of pants here, which I enchant with the Ghost spellthread I was able to make thanks to Stout sending me all that Volatile Water on my mage.

After that I got a dungeon in progress with what else, Stonecore.  The DK dies during that stone boss by repeatedly taking massive damage by not… moving, out, or whatever melee are supposed to do there.  We also fail on the last boss, even though the paladin said to keep the adds off me, needless to say no one did and they beat me to death.  The paladin had a pretty name though, Sunwalk from Malfurion.  The tank says he has to leave and a dps goes with him.  I requeue and we get the boss down.  This one actually pulled the mobs off me though.  The Red Winter Hat drops but I did not win it. Ah well.

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