Rogues, what can you do?

I figured I may as well level the mage a LITTLE bit, so I head out to Hyjal just to look around but get hooked into several quests right away.

I kill some cultists, fire elementals, nearly get destroyed by a level 83 elite in a forest, etc.  I end up taking this night elf captive, and bringing him through the emerald dream (I believe that’s what the haze is) to a dragon who brings him to a safer place.


A few more quests in I get to ride the Spirit of Goldrinn, which is explained as an animals hunt instrict, also called “Lo’gosh” (which Varian was called by the dirty horde)


I also run into this fellow, who turns out to be a rogue.  Only a rogue, would get himself into such a situation XD


Of course he stealths and tells me to fight the ogres and he will not, and just follow me.  Well, I always did say I wanted to be flanked by a stealthed rogue but that was more about my protection than providing theirs.  What can you do?


The cave I was in at that point kept spawning Obsidium on a somewhat regular basis, and I got at least 4 nodes in there.  They are not nice nodes like Saronite was though, you normally get nothing but ore and only 2-3 at a time.  Sometimes you’ll get Volatile Earth but rarely.

As I was out questing I picked up a total of 3 stacks of this ore, but had to break out many of my old tricks to get it.  Such as, going invisible to get past aggro and mining, blinking and running like hell, or popping mirrors which focuses the mobs aggro, going invisible to drop my aggro, then mining and running like hell.  People were getting nodes almost as soon as they spawned, so flying around looking for it didn’t work as well as just questing in an area and being close to it when it spawns.

I also fly to Uldum and pick up nearly a stack of Elementium and yes again, you must pick it up nearly soon as it spawns or someone else will get it.  In fact if you just stand there after you mine something, you’ll have 2-3 people drop on you shortly after. It’s just as bad as herbing.

I hit 81, and get access to the new fire orb spell.  I may switch my arcane spec, which is still boring, to fire I think.

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