The AH

Since I spent most of the day farming on my mage, I didn’t hit 84 as planned, though I ended up with 2 bars to go.

I queued for a dungeon and yet again got an in progress Stonecore, which we finished fine, then we queue again and got Stonecore because that was the only one available to the group. We did a full clear and the tank didn’t want to do it again so it broke up.

I did a few more quests in Vashj’ir but it looks like I won’t ding tonight, so I check out the AH, and it looks like buying items to transmute would not be worthwhile. Transmute: Dream Emerald takes Stormvine, how much I can’t tell because the numbers are scrolled off, and 3 Jasper. Dream Emeralds are selling for 50-70g and the Jasper is selling for 90g per and I’d need three. So roughly 270g to make a gem worth 50. Hm. The Mythical Healing Potions are going for 70g per so I dump the 19 I have on the AH. I haven’t sold anything I’ve gathered yet for Cata but I need to start to cover some of my expenses and repairs. Then I log for the night.

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