Today was a bit of a busy day.  First I went out to Deepholm and meant to herb but ended up picking up some good quests.  I did the one where I put down a totem that helped me zap mobs


then went to the Alliance airship where everyone was killed by cultists that have infiltrated the area.


then I got to drag an unwilling ogre over the blades of the airship engines to convince him to talk


yes we do, but we’re still angry!  My favorite text from Stormcaller Mylra was “Doesn’t say a damn thing about dog-ugly ogres” in reference to what her code of contact refers to.


when she reveals she had elementals waiting to catch him should he drop, the ogre freaks out realizing what the Twilight people will do to him, and throws himself into the blades and gets shredded up. Wicked!

Then I get a visit from my rogue friend!


then blow kisses at this guy, who is underwater.. just chilling, I guess?


And see, this herb? Yes it’s floating mid air.  I think only a druid in their cheating flight form would be able to get it.  Herbing is very hard any time of the day right now, basically you either never see an herb, or if you do it’s lagged and vanishes soon as you set down, or it vanishes as you are trying to pick it.  The new flasks and such take upwards of 12 herbs per, so trying to farm has been very difficult.


As I am flying around Twilight Highlands trying to get my Alchemy up, I run into this sad, sad area of chained, and slaughtered red dragons.


I’m too low to do anything about it, yet.  Sadface red dragons!

In the interest of herbs, thanks to Stouts advice I go pick up the scenic quests to get to Uldum. We head out on a caravan.


and we are taken prisoner.


But! I am out here to herb so I don’t do any questing right then and head back to herbing. I find I have to fly low to the ground to have a chance at getting anything.

Later on I get a guild group and run VP, but I’m unable to get into their dungeons at 85, and someone in the party is unable to get into any dungeons I have open because they didn’t find the entrances yet or something.  I leave group and queue up for more, and get Stonecore, which is in progress, and their healer once again has ditched them mid mobs.  We finish that no problem, then I queue up for Throne of Tides.

That went ok, other than the paladin getting himself killed twice by standing in green mess.  Twice. I only had to sit and rest/drink once, then the DK started telling me to stop using Greater Heal.  I asked why and he said to only use Heal because it’s cheaper.  Well, yes, but it’s just as slow as Greater Heal and heals for at least 50% less.  And long story short, with hp pools being giant it’s not really efficient to spam cast a 2.3 second heal for 700 mp and heal for 6-10k several times when everyone is taking a lot of damage, all the time.  Yes, I use Heal when no damage is incoming and a non tank class needs a heal.  But a Heal on a tank is like 2% of their hp, it’s not worth it.

In fact the damage in the new dungeons vs heals not being any stronger, makes it so even the strong heals get “eaten up” as I call it.   In other words, a tank takes damage, you throw say, Penance, and their hp stays the same because the damage they took was equal to what you just healed for. I think that needs some adjusting.

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