Scaling at beginning of an expansion…

So yeah, healing? WTF?  My shadow protection buff costs 8k mp, that’s 15% of my total mp pool.  I can cast about 10-15 greater heals before I’m flat out of MP.  Yes, that is not a normal rotation, as if a disc priest really has one, but at 4k per cast it’s ridiculous.

Besides all that, wow! I finished Vashj’ir today! Well, first I started out in Hyjal to get my rep up to friendly so I could take the tabard.  There is some good healing gear to be had at exalted. This quest was kind of cute with the fairy dragons helping you find stealthed cultists by feeding them berries.  Find I have Herbalism I can see the berries on my map.


back in Vashj’ir I pick up where I left off which is going down into the Abyss area and killing this guy, who created an evil copy of me and summoned those black boiling pools of mess under me a few times.


After he was dead I took his brain, I think it was, and headed back up to Captain Taylor and they give me a new… hat thing.


This is to be used to communicate with L’ghorek which is like a giant mollusk sea creature thing.  Sea animals seem to be a reoccurring thing, like the Cruma turtle like shells in Lineage 2, and the lion turtles in Avatar the Last Airbender.  The “cartoon” not the movie…

So I head into that creature and it looks like it’s in real trouble.


I communicate with it at the brain area and it tells me it is dying, but we have some tasks to do first.


This area has an interesting set up like in this shot the bodies hovering above the altar fly off towards the center to the boss in the middle.


After rescuing some prisoners, collecting rune stones, destroying the altar things, I get to control an elemental.


The vortex skill was quite cool, being able to draw in like 50 mobs and nuke them was wild.  In pvp that would be funny assumed you didn’t die straight away!

I get in on the boss kill with another player who is already attacking it.  I can’t see who it it because they are summoned but I’m not losing a chance of getting the quest on technicalities.  Afterwards I get to ride the thing out of here.


Afterward we take the submarine, but unfortunately shortly after it starts I get booted off the server and miss some of it as I am logging back in.


It then cut scenes to a battle of elementals against the Faceless things the naga are allied with.


and then we are ambushed by the naga and their queen or whatever.


They attack the ship and we crash.  I stayed around hoping to see the ship explode but I’m not sure it did, and I had to keep up with the NPCs.


There was no way in heck I could kill all those naga, but Erunak easily does giant AOEs an takes care of it.


Cheater!  Then Lady Sira’kess mass deep freezes us and spends too much talking, and I didn’t see all of it but I believe she got a beat down too.


Then we get to see another big battle between Neptulon and the naga.  This is also the guy at the end of the Throne of Tides dungeon that you help save against “the bp oil spill” I mentioned earlier, and mobs trying to attack him.


Unfortunately at this point the naga bring out a Kraken and from what I saw, it kills Neptulon. I could be wrong.


Then a giant tentacle sweeps Erunak down into the vortex and Captain Taylor heroically goes after him.


I jump in also, I mean why not, and I don’t realize I cannot breath underwater at this point, and end up dying in the pool.  Whoops!

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