Ding 85

Today I set out in Hyjal again to try to get my rep up a bit.  On the way over there I noticed this giant tornado, and you can see trees, and I swear I saw a cow or two, swirling around in it.


And I know I already did this quest, but rogues are funny, I love it!


Later on in the chain I become neutral to the cult ogre things here when an image of me comes out of the torches thingies and declares me master.


When I head back to Royce Duskwhisper I note a classic line of “Good work, very good, I supposed that’s a valuable lesson:  Never to take orders from a big purple ball.” LOL

The “Save the Wee Animals” and their wee little friends quest was funny too.  You scoop up the woodland critters out of the burning forest then lead a deer back to safety. Well, deers.


Then this guy, he’s just trouble.


After the quest chain ends, as far as I can tell, with freeing an evil satyr looking thing, I head out to Twilight Highlands on the advice of Janusz on getting more exp.  I some how let a dwarf convince me to be shot in a cannon up to a ship, amoung other things.   Then I head out to a boat where the crew are taken in by some kind of Siren coming out of the water.


and almost all of the crew suffer poor side effects from that.


A few more quests in and I’m at around 60% to 85.

I decide to queue for WG, and get in with 4 other people.  For the first 10 minutes, NOTHING happens.  I don’t see any other players, horde or alliance.   It makes me quite sick to see this place so empty.  We end up  beating back the few horde that did show up, and take down the towers and win.  Still, I miss mass pvp here a lot.

I continue with my questing in Twilight Highlands and queue for a dungeon and get VP.  It is a guild group run and we do pretty ok, but they post recount stats constantly and analyze it Leroy Jenkins-like after each pull.

After that it’s back to questing and I help put out the fires at Firebeard’s Patrol.


and pick some mementos out of the fire.


I then run a very very slow Stonecore, and two people die at the giant boss, because they weren’t avoiding the slam, but slowly we finish it.  I end at 76% and I’m too tired to finish tonight.

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