Lost City of the Tol’vir

Last night I queued up for a random while out herb-ing, and first got The Lost City of the Tol’vir.  The group was commenting about how bad the last healer was, so I was wary at the start.  It didn’t get any better when they constantly compared their dps, took me down to 30% mp every trash pull, and didn’t get the adds off me on the alligator boss thing and I died.  After I had been dead about 20 seconds I got “lol heals?” and I said I was dead, stupid, and they were like oh didn’t see that.  After another wipe on trash after the tank pulled ahead while I was low on mp and drinking, I left the party.

Next one up was Grim Batol with a very good group, coordinating CC and everything and the run went well.  I got a new cloak and pants during that.

The last one for the night was Halls of Origination which I have not done before, a guild run.


Naturally that went well, and I got a new trinket and boots.  Here is a remodeled Lord Marrowgar.


and one of the Egyptian-like “AQ” bosses.


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