Leap of Faith

Today was basically not an enjoyable day FOR PVP. I spent most of the afternoon discussing my talents and gear with Janusz, and ran a few bgs where we got destroyed repeatedly. Not a single win.

We messed around with Leap of Faith, which I shall hereby be calling “life grip” and testing at what range you can pull a person around.  You can’t pull them off buildings, or up to buildings anyway.


I then play around with that disguise potion I get, and it seems it will mirror whoever you have targeted and I mirror Rawrn (Nilvana).


Later I get in a Tol Barad and I learn that whoever owns it will always own it, due to how it works, unless you get in at like 3 am where few people are queued and most are afk.  Apparently you need to control and cap for 3 minutes 3 bases and with even player sides that is almost impossible, because one side can just gang up and wipe one area at a time and prevent the attackers from splitting into three and defending against that.

I get into this late but manage to locate Janusz and more or less keep in touch during the battle.


I guess I’m high enough for heroics now and I immediately get a queue from Grim Batol, we wipe on the first boss and they say they are giving up and boot me so I won’t have the deserter buff.  Ok.  Then I get heroic VP and I absolutely cannot keep up with the amount of damage being dished out and taken.  It’s impossible.  We wipe on trash twice, then wipe on the first boss.  The tank, who I can barely keep up throwing everything I got at him (whose fault that is I am not sure) tells me to “heal better”.  I snot back “take less damage”.  We die again on that boss and I say fuck this and leave.

I queue for normal dungeons and run Halls of Origination, we wipe twice but get it done, finally.  That group wasn’t too bad honestly.


I like when this boss puts up the shield, it’s very epic looking and the sound effects are awesome.  It’s very otherworldly sounding.

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