Hamburger?! Where?!

The other day Dontpuntme helped me level up my tailoring from around 488 to 515.  This may not found like a lot but it was a significant amount of cloth and Volatiles that would have taken me forever to farm, along with everyone else who was helping me, or probably 2k gold. I also traded 100 Elementium with Cinor for around 90 cloth.  I can create my own pvp gear, which is awesome, and a 36 slot herb bag.  Dontpuntme let me keep the bag and 2 of the pvp pieces, which was nice. Of course I did promise like my first 2 weeks of full Dreamcloth making to him as well.

And, I love trade chat, I really do.  I laughed, I couldn’t help it.


I  tried going out to Vashj’ir to farm cloth, and back to Hyjal, but the drop rate is really miserable and I made about 3 bolts (15 cloth) before I gave up in frustration.

I also head back out to Silithus to turn in this quest I’ve been hauling around since I did AQ, the original one,  with Arashikage.


I spent some money on cloth in the AH and nearly have tailoring at max, woo!

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