What’s up with all the Tentacles

Back in Twilight Highlands we fly around the tentacle mess before getting sucked in, on purpose, I guess?  And I really wish screenshots would not record my cursor.


moving it out of the way while in action is difficult. At some point I pass out, I think it was, and end up back by Thrall where Deathwing is thrashing about.  I’m so busy trying to take a screenshot I don’t do anything, get called ‘useless human’ by Thrall (whatever I’d kick your ass if I could) and go back into the maw of the tentacles.


I kill the brain with the help of some of the Earthen Ring I rescued (all who have amusing dialog)


Aftwards I get sent to the red dragon area, and for whatever reason they are ‘red’ to me, even though I have a red drake, and I’m Exalted with Wyrmrest Temple.  They grab me and throw my ass in front of another angry red dragon in human form.  Again, exalted? What gives?


I do a quest where I kill the twilight drakes and use the same animation I did way back when returning red dragons to the earth prior to the Wrathgate incident, of the vines taking it back to the earth.

It occurs to me that I forgot I am 85, and have a lot of JP and honor points so I buy a new robe, and 2 pieces of the blue pvp gear.  The robe I bought is sexy like the priest one only red.  Rawr.  I need 50 more points for the shoulders.

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