Or a gnome warlock…

Alrighty first off, THESE robes are a red version of my priests robes, and are easily my favorite, EVER.


Secondly, this was easily the best questing day EVER.  I get my wish, which I’ve mentioned to some people, a few times.  You’ll see.  First I get to kill a bunch of Twilight guys, flanked by a deadly procession that make taking them out really easy.  They have clever quotes as we are tripping along too.


as we move towards Grim Batol we run into the Life Binder.


and she has an amazing little cut scene, but I won’t explain anything that would give it away.


and this is just, wow and OMG


after that part, I get to kill Obsidian Pyrewings by using the mechanic to ride the protodrakes out in Storm Peaks in Northrend, only you must kill them then quickly latch-hook onto another one, or fall off.  You take no falling damage it seems but you end up aggroing crap on the ground most of the time.


I follow a twilight drake to the lair of what they say is the only female dragon capable of continuing the line, and we have to destroy her too.


Another quest has be in charge of another squad of people, this time on gryphons!


A bit after that I get my wish, that I made back when I was in Tanaris and saw Caliph Scorpidsting, I get to be escorted up a mountain by a group of STEALTHED ROGUES! Ha ha, YOU know what I’m talkin’ BOUT.


Then oooh wait for it, I meet Master Mathias Shaw, the leader of SI: 7! Gosh you rogues, grrr.


and this, was just funny.


he helps me take out several semi bosses by stealthing in after I’ve taken a bit of a beating.


and YES you DO get to rescure that poor red dragon I ran into earlier, as part of this chain.


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