Loot Fussing

Did rbgs with the guild the other night on Friday, and we got one win when the other team didn’t show up at all, but other than that we didn’t win any. I know it’s “lose to cap but try anyway” but we have way too many undergeared or non pvpers to expect wins. A couple of times we should have won but one or two people made vital mistakes that cost it.

Still I picked up pvp bracers and neck for my priest and saving for a weapon on my druid.

We got up to Murumu on Wed and I got 522 bracers that weren’t upgrades. We decided to start doing loot as loot council after I fussed on the guild forums about the way loot was being handled. Someone winning tons of gear even if they are the only ones that can use it (a spirit sword for instance, healing plate) should not then also be able to roll and WIN shared pieces or offspec.

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