Went in Tol Barad today hoping for some horde, but nope had that shaman Mazill show up who I recall being a dick. He queues in with


Incomplete sentences like that phrased as a demand, bother me. So I said

“I hear npcs give quests”

then we get

“but if I leave i cant get the Q so fuck u prick”

Yes, your problem makes it my problem, makes sense.

So I said “Fuck you lazy ass I don’t have it anyway”.

then I got “fuck you” laugh spam, got called pussy a few times and emoted “asks politely to suck him off”.

Reported. I rarely report anyone and I can handle swearing, name calling, laughing, but I’m not dealing with emotes like that.

Also tried the new bg, Deepwind Gorge, didn’t die once, and got a win on the first try. Seems like an interesting map.

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