Dear Arcane

Dear arcane, really? Signed me.

Ran a regular heroic today with some guildies, unfortunately all dps. I don’t think I’ve had a run with a guild tank since Acks ran me through something. Or Maice. DPS are always ready to go, but tanks, healers, not so much. Sigh. Anyway embarrassingly got the achievement for Vortex today since I had never done it on the mage. Also got in my TB win, and since I’m missing Rinni, spent A LOT OF TIME dying over and over at Slags charging after the horde. There was one feral druid who kept saying things to me which I wish I could translate.

During one of the battles, when it was clear we were losing I left about 30 seconds before the fail, was in the middle of typing to Ladiesman “nah nah I’m on the bridge” (our original meeting spot before we ever started talking) when he sapped me, on the bridge XD Sneaky devil! Had numerous fights just outside the bridge as well, but the horde advantage of being so much closer to said bridge is… well just unfair. Once horde are off the bridge, any ranged class, mages, warlocks, hunters, etc, are almost guaranteed to pull their guards since they only have to run about 5 yards to get to their camp. Pet classes have to be especially careful. I appreciate the guards being there but they kind of screw up after battle pvp when you get one up your ass when trying to kill fleeing horde. I mean, maybe an archway that just unflags you at the entrance to both camps would be a better idea. Then if you want to puss out on your flag status you can.

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