Volcanospike, when Epic weapon BOEs were a thing

Found Volcanospike for under 20k today so bought one for 17.5k.  Ran the z dungeons over and over to get VP cap, and will be able to get my robe next week.  It’s not so bad now that everyone knows what to do, though today we had a terrible holy priest that basically wiped us on the kitty lady boss 3x before they bowed themselves out.  I’m not sure what they were doing either.  They were holy but barely using renew, never using circle of healing, prayer of healing, or prayer of mending.  Their 3 highest heals were greater heal, lightwell, and echo of light.  It’s like what the hell?

Anyway finally got a shot of those vines picking up and throwing a firelands mob around, pretty funny.


The roost dailies are getting harder since no one else is doing them.  They need to boost the helpers you get or something.

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