Bloodyslayer and just called to say YOU SUCK

Ran rbgs last night and we won 2 and lost, 5, I think?  But I asked to go on my mage because let’s be honest healing all the time gets old.

Ha ha, you like that?  Nah it never gets old I just want to get points on my mage since the priest has no use for them now.  Plus change just in general is nice.

Yesterday I ran into this guy and a few others during WG, and mowed them all down like grass as arcane, including 3 of their sieges.  Afterwards he came back and I killed him a few times when he was occupying himself with a DK, but once he turned his attention to me I had to run a lot.


Then he switched to an alliance character just to tell me how bad I was.  I just shrugged and basically said you are right, I haven’t played this character in a long while and I need practice.  We talked a little bit after that about random bg stuff.  The following day when I was banging bgs all day long for practice, and tweaking my keybinds and such to perform better, the person came back and apologized for being so rude and said it was uncalled for.  I think someone may have found out I have no penis.  Just a guess.  At any rate I think I made another rogue friend XD

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