New Character Models

The new orc models were just posted and WoW.  Really impressed with all the updates so far.  It will be hard to decide what to pick on looks, everything looks so good.  Most of my characters now are horde, my tank is an orc, hunter blood elf, priest blood elf, and druid is a troll.  But with everything looking so good, I may need to also make a dwarf!

Hm.  So I’m finding tanking is so much pressure compared to healing, or dpsing, that I’ll leave an instance with the slightest provocation.  Can’t randomly afk like a dps, can’t lag a little behind like a healer.  Can’t type while tanking, like I can while dpsing or healing, or at least I can’t manage it yet because stuff dies so fast.  If I don’t know the way I have to constantly check the map while keeping aggro and watching dps run wherever they feel like it and make sure the healer is around.  So when someone yells “where the f are you going?” and “look at the DAMN MAP” I just leave.

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