Insulting Healers

Ran three Twin Peaks tonight with a druid guildie and a monk.  We only won one.  The first loss had a DK FC who had more healing than most healers, and 2 healers on him before that.  Our dps didn’t even dent him away from his healers.  I know how that feels on my hunter.  I held the flag like 10 straight minutes too. I didn’t yell in that match, any time I see a DK with 800k health and a few healers I just want to rage quit.

The second one, had no one on O at all but a single rogue.  Our entire team was on D.  I ran up to join the rogue and we nearly killed the druid EFC but then our flag dropped and they got a cap.  We never had more than 2 on O and didn’t get a single cap. One of the hunters on our team kept calling us fail healers and shit heals and blah blah.  I said I was top horde heals and he was like ‘yeah, for horde’.  Alliance still had the top 2.  I can’t help what is available to heal.  I outhealed the guild druid by TONS.  I think half the dps outhealed him/her anyway.

It turned into a pissing match of just who was stupider, dps insulting their pvp healers and or dps too stupid to kill an EFC that barely had any defense.   I really get on a roll when people are dumb like that.  Felt like playing Alliance again.  I think I ended with something like “maybe if I heal harder you’ll grow brains”.

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