Melee have it the worst, hands down

So when I played a healer in pvp, I thought silences were the worst.  Garrote, silence, counterspell, yeah, awful man.

Then I played a hunter.  Disarms, geezes, way worse.

Then I played a MELEE.  Clearly the worst.  Snares, AND disarms.

I’ve tanked a number of dungeon since that rager at 17, and no one has complained.  I gotta admit though, healers are a bunch of whiners.  I watch their range and mana bar, nothing is unduly stressed, but yet they aren’t healing, or going afk.  In pvp they bitch even when we’re winning.  Though I did enjoy a little spar I had today with one on my warrior, where they called us a bunch of “ball lickers”.

I replied that if ball licking would insure a win, I was on board.

They correct me with “bored*”

They kept on bitching right up until a win, where they said “yw”. Ugh.

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