Tanking for the first time ever

I rolled a warrior and went prot just to see how it was.  Took a while to hit 15 which Deadmeen was teasing me about, but pvp wins gives barely any experience now.  Like 10% for a win.  That’s horrible, what happened?

I am correctly geared in my BoAs and weapons (sword ‘n board) and read up on my skills.  I did a Ragefire Cavern, that went fine.

Then Deadmines, holy geez.


That was after the shaman yelling at me for not holding threat.  When I pointed out taunt has a 8 second cd they said “my heal has a 10 second cd and I’m doing fine”.  That’s riptide you moron, that’s not your only heal though.

Prior to that it was ‘you have boas and you aren’t holding threat’ and ‘i’m holding threat better than you’

I have internetz of steel though and I promptly told the healer to fuck themselves and kick me if they didn’t like it.  I then ran back a bit to not pull anything and waited for the kick which happened soon after. Fine. I just wonder how new tanks handle it that don’t have a mouth of fire like I do.

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