8 Boxing in Halaa

As this expansion kind of wafts on and on, it’s been more annoying in wPvP running into the raid-geared folks, I’m talking 560 item level or higher, with the legendary cloak in particular.  These people just hit like a truck and have ridiculous health pools 600-700k for casters and healers.  My druid who is rocking full grievous (522) is at 493k.

Now I’ve been on my hunter more often than not, where I use my grievous bow and a trinket, and my mix of flex and LFR gear.  I’m not a dummy, I don’t want to wear my pvp gear and be a  good SIXTY item levels behind people but it doesn’t make it right.  Sometimes I have to take advantage of this guy, even though I detest multi-boxers.


He usually evens things up.  Thanks to the gear disparity, it usually takes 2-3x the people in pvp gear, to beat down a normal geared raider.  We actually had a heroic geared raider, an enhancement shaman in WG earlier in the week.  He literally decimated 60% of my health before I could blink.  Repeatedly.  POW gone.

Today Deadmeen and I ran into a 563ish boomkin, who blew both of us out of our shoes and then healed up like a resto.  Frustrating.  And this was throwing absolutely everything I had at them.  Off heals are messed up pretty bad I’d have to say.  It’s a little something else when you see a shaman try to melt your face off while ascending and then start healing like a resto shaman instantly after an elemental blast.


Anyway.  I tried 2v2s with Deadmeen but we lost 4 in a row before I had to cry uncle.  He didn’t have the dps nor the survivability for it, currently.  He does make good use of death grip though, which seems to be rather uncommon for Dks. Gear and some experience should fix all that.

Why do people always spit in pvp btw?


You attack a low level town, I’m going to kill you until you leave.  Or at least try.  Dat pve gear, sometimes I have to suck it up and leave.  It’s fortunately uncommon for a well geared pver to harass low level towns though.

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