Boarthrills and Pool Ponies

I’ve been running into Boarthrills, a hunter, a lot in WG, and TB, and one day we grouped up around Hellfire/Nagrand killing ally.  We later grouped with Deadmeen who I’ve been helping gear up on Timeless Isle.



Eventually Alliance brought a disc priest, 2 hunters, and a rogue.  Wariorhunt, an ally hunter, was basically unkillable with 565+ pve gear though.

I got Boar on battletags and got them both in vent one night and stayed up waaaaaaaaaay too late doing world pvp.


Also, I found it odd that this workshop in WG only had one guard, and he was sleeping.

This is usually  how the battles go, however.


WG is rather hard to defend sometimes since vehicles often slip past you completely invisible.  I posted in the bug forums, but there was an instance where I was in the fort waiting for their demo to come by, and it went THROUGH me completely invisible and even didn’t show on hunter tracking until it was well past me.  I noticed I’ve done that myself driving vehicles, where I see an enemy player and they run past me like I don’t even exist.

Ran a WG with Crux and finally got the Armani battle-bear.


Also ran flex 1-2 with Moo and the guild, and came out with a flex bow, trinket, necklace and gloves.

And, Don’t question my genius!  The pool pony was the best!


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