Shifting Blame

I don’t lose many bgs as Horde, but when I do, someone blames others.

First off, sometimes Horde wins are really strange.  We can be playing technically pretty awful, but still win.  Take this Twin Peaks for instance.  How did we do that? I don’t even know! Look at the damage!



But alas tonight I queued into an existing loss where ally had one flag cap already.   A paladin with around 483k health gets the flag and I start shadowing them on my hunter.  I get sapped, they keep running.  The rogue opens on them and takes them down to 40% health in no time flat.  I get out of the sap and peel them off, throwing a flare at the rogue as he vanishes.

The paladin crosses the river and gets sapped again.  A monk is constantly doing that spinning kick all around them.  I flare the area again.  3-4 more Alliance descend and wreck the paladin.  Then we got:  “Sapped twice, pop flares next time”.

Oh sure, that’ll help.  Because I can spam flares when I just used one. And sap itself isn’t that big of a deal.  Damage breaks it, sap itself does not damage.  Gosh.

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