Low Level PvP

I know low level pvp isn’t balanced, but to the extent that it’s not balanced seems really wacked.  I got a MW monk to 14 today and I have a single heal; Soothing Mist.  It’s channeled, can’t move with it either, and hardly heals through any damage from say, a rogue.  I have this one channeled heal right, then I see a disc priest roll up in a shield, with penance, flash heal, and smite.  Ok?  One heal.  Seems legit.  I don’t know if I’d keep playing if I was new dealing with that.  I died to the same rogue like 5x in a row just trying to go from the Farm GY to Farm.  FUN.

I had a similar problem with 2-3 rogues in a WSG, where I kept getting murked (merked? mirked? whatever) before I even hit mid.  After about 8 deaths that way, and it was clear we were losing (their team had all level 14s and we did not) I said fuck it.  Then a warrior on our team laid all the blame on me not rezzing.  LOL sure.

It feels like questing is slow as well.  Both on my warrior and the monk, you do 5 quests and still haven’t gained a level.  You can’t do dungeons yet, and travel is a PITA because you have to find all flight points.  The “Call to Arms” might be in Stranglethorn, yeah GL getting down there is under 2 hours if you don’t know what you’re doing.  I’m serious.  Last time I tried it, I had a hell of a time.   Maybe they did it to make boosted 90 seem like a great idea.

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