I spec’d Google!

Google spec is the best. I’m serious. So tired of posts/questions asking “what is the best healer for pve, for pvp, for questing, for raiding”. DO SOME RESEARCH FUCK. Had a DK in TB today asking Sprta and I this and they had this dumb conversation

Sprta: a resto shaman
guy: You mean a r shammy?


Anyway last night we got down Garalon, Wind Lord, Heroic Protectors, and Tsulong. I got Cape of the Three Lanterns the night before in MV and Shoulders of Foaming Fluids in HoF. We had trouble on Tsulong when Dor said he would be getting the dispels on the boss, and didn’t. I didn’t set myself up for non-raid friendly dispels so I had to throw mass dispel to get it every time. After we wiped I asked who was doing dispels even though I knew he said he was and he said “I thought I was”.

Dude. The boss turns dark when the debuff is on, it’s fairly obvious when it’s dispelled. Then he said maybe recount wasn’t tracking dispels. No, I had like 7, 4-5 on Tsulong, and he had maybe 2 NOT on Tsulong. The next attempts, only 2 dispels again. Not on the boss. Tree just took it over, but we wiped again. I checked recount, 2 dispels. I said look, Tree is doing Tsulong, I’m getting one of the two people needing dispelled, WE HAVE TO HAVE A THIRD PERSON DOING IT. Then he started dispelling and we got it. Sigh.

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