Matron Title

I only had one more achievement to finish off the Children’s Week achievements, but frankly the last one is bogus.  Get all three pets, on a single character.  You can only get one pet, per year.  So this takes 3 years? Wonderful.  I checked all my characters and I apparently never did it any other year.


Finally figured out how to cap the graveyard in Zangarmarsh.  Yeah.  I didn’t play in BC and never looked it up before.


You get a flag from your town in the area and have to run it over to cap it.

This is also the first time I’ve ever run the cart in Deepwind Gorge.


Now that in itself was not weird, but that battle was.  I ran to center, NO ALLIANCE.

Ran to their base.  NO ALLIANCE.  Ran the cart all the way back to our base, NO ALLIANCE.  It was eerie.  I think I saw maybe 2 the entire time, and I ran the cart 3 times. Very weird.

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