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Missed Mid-Summer

The mid-summer fire festival is without a doubt my favorite event in World of Warcraft.  Even if I’m not trying to fight horde putting out our fires, it’s fun to fly around the entire world(s) and look at everything.  Of course I didn’t bother until the last minute, forgetting just how long it takes to do each continent.  I did pick up the new pet though.



Then I attempted to hit a Tauren paladin who was hovering in the air above our fire, and he promptly came down and took me to almost dead in a few hits:



We’re having fun, aren’t we? 800k crit, 500k regular hit.  My health pool is 3 million.  Math.

New Class, Demon Hunter

I made two demon hunters but I chose to go with the one on Sargeras.  It seems fun but not sure how much I’ll play it.

wowscrnshot_082816_112251 wowscrnshot_082816_113145 wowscrnshot_082816_113358wowscrnshot_082816_114237



I picked to sacrifice myself, it seemed rude not to since I respawn.


I got myself stuck, seemed like a grand way to die.

That Fel Reaver

I’m so glad this was one of the attacking bosses, though most people did not want to fight him because he has a high occurrence of player one-shot kills.


I also have not seen Oltar on in a while and it looks like he’s off my battletags.  Aww.



Well like the others he gets to follow me in spirit. And I can wear the “hordebreaker” title again, so ha!