Prior to Base Resil…

This is pvp related but UGH my server sometimes. Picked up with an old arena partner from some time ago, he wasn’t that good but didn’t rage and gave it a good shot and that’s all I can really expect on my pve server usually.

He’d been away from the game for a while and wanted to do area again. We do a few Bgs and I notice he’s getting wrecked pretty quickly, and has about the same health as me. I take a look at his gear, 7 missing enchants, no pvp trinkets, several pve heroic blues, etc. I tell him he needs to replace all that crap with pvp gear. He’s like yeah soon as I get some arena in I will. I’m like yeah no, you need to replace that shit, with pvp gear. You are dying way too fast, you need the resil and pvp power.

He tells me STR/CRIT are important and that the heroic PVE blues are better than the pvp gear. Sigh. I’d been through this before, trying to do arena with a dps in epic raid gear and they get DROPPED. Not interested in doing it again.

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