Luck with gear

Had some insanely close Gilneas battles lately, had one we won by 30 and another we lost by 40 that I worked SO HARD OMGMGMGMGG to try to win. It was like trying that stupid BG in a RBG.

So anyway I’m not that pleased about my gear progress via raids right now. My helm, back, and chest, one trinket and weapon is all LFR. I’ve only gotten 2 pieces of tier which isn’t work even equipping right now. I’m using the LFR robe only because it has native spirit and my other one did not, and losing out on over 600 spirit is a problem. My neck, shoulder, belt, pants, and one ring are all from rep. My off hand is crafted and so is the other trinket. My other raid pieces after weeks and WEEKS are gloves, pants, and bracers I had to use a token to win. Bleh.

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