Some People Just Need Killing

I kill people that AFK in LFR.  See the warlock with the green triangle on him?


He was standing there doing nothing and did maybe 5k dps total.  So I ran off to the side, and life gripped him.  The fears threw him all the way to the edge of the water and since he was out of range for heals, he died.  I then msg’d them with “that’s what you get for being afk”.  Of course all the guy would have to say is “I was feeding my baby/mother/donating to charity/curing cancer” and most of the raid would be like “aww” and then them afk through anything.


and why why why do I do more dps than dps and tank classes? Hmmm???

And I must have missed these quests earlier, here is me spitting out cider to douse some fires, classy!


Hm let’s see.  Our raids, yeah.  Lately I’ve been top heals by a significant margin.  I don’t know if it’s because of SS/PW:S sniping or what, but being 10 to 16% higher than the other healers seems more than sniping going on.


Did some old raiding with Nilv and this AQ clear got me my Classic Raider achievement. I  don’t know how I didn’t have that before.


And this title/buff is just awesome.


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