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Some People Just Need Killing

I kill people that AFK in LFR.  See the warlock with the green triangle on him?


He was standing there doing nothing and did maybe 5k dps total.  So I ran off to the side, and life gripped him.  The fears threw him all the way to the edge of the water and since he was out of range for heals, he died.  I then msg’d them with “that’s what you get for being afk”.  Of course all the guy would have to say is “I was feeding my baby/mother/donating to charity/curing cancer” and most of the raid would be like “aww” and then them afk through anything.


and why why why do I do more dps than dps and tank classes? Hmmm???

And I must have missed these quests earlier, here is me spitting out cider to douse some fires, classy!


Hm let’s see.  Our raids, yeah.  Lately I’ve been top heals by a significant margin.  I don’t know if it’s because of SS/PW:S sniping or what, but being 10 to 16% higher than the other healers seems more than sniping going on.


Did some old raiding with Nilv and this AQ clear got me my Classic Raider achievement. I  don’t know how I didn’t have that before.


And this title/buff is just awesome.


Fail Bags

My luck has been poor on loot lately, I think I need to be paired with a rogue again. I got the mooncloth pvp gloves from the Sha three times now, the LFR healing head piece twice and nothing else but gold and a sigil or two.

Nothing dropped for me last night either. Anyway those bags of gold just are oooh so taunting.

Griefers in LFR

Tried LFR on my pally, won a belt and someone gave me dps shoulders later on, but that wasn’t the fun part.

During Fall of Deathwing there was a priest by the name of Healuranus from Stormrage who appeared to be trying to jump off the edge in Ultraxion.  I think I said something about it, not realizing what they were trying to do at the time.  During the boat I made a comment that priests are ‘douches’ which they told me to take back and I refused on the grounds that I have a priest.  And in pvp, I’m quite a bit of a jerk, no lie.  Nothing outside of skill mechanics, but tearing off pally wings, mage ice block, hero, pally bubble, MCIng people off edges, is all somewhat jerky,. but fun and it helps my team win. Anyway.

On Spine they demanded I ‘take it back’ and I said no make me, and they threatened to then throw me off the edge if I did not. I said no and go ahead what do I care.  Being dead and carried is ok with me.  He dragged me off the edge and I died.


Then continued on to threaten the other priest with being thrown off the edge if they didn’t hand over the crown token they won.  They did not so they were tossed over the side, only the priest was able to get back up and dragged Heal down, but he didn’t die either and got back up.  I was rezzed at some point and that priest threatened to throw the tanks to their deaths if I didn’t recant my bit about douche priests. I commented that it was difficult to take back a comment about a priest being a douche when said priest has shown without a doubt that they are an epic douchebag.

So, the tank was dragged to  his death.  We completed that fight anyway, but were unable to kick the guy when he started Madness when no one was ready, and dragged at least 2 other people off the edge before we wiped and kicked.  He was reported by some people and I did one.  It didn’t bother me per se, being carried dead to a kill is fine, but you shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that behavior.

Anyway we went on to wipe on Madness 3x before I gave up.

That priest for the record, had no glyphs, no enchants, was gemmed with green quality cata gems, no belt buckle, and ilevel 380.  I don’t think any random person I armory is ever geared correctly.

LFR doesn’t count

Lately people have been linking me their Mogu’shan Vaults raid achievement showing they have 3 bosses down. I know full well it’s LFR and ask “it’s LFR isn’t it?”.

Guys. LFR is not impressive. Leonz did that to me yesterday and I told him anyone can get LFR and he said I was ‘mean’. Well ok but linking LFR is like linking a heroic dungeon achievement; everyone has it, and it’s not a big deal.


So tried the LFR new raids, we got it down with a little trouble. I find it amusing that this junk JUST CAME OUT and people were already yelling fail tanks,  you idiots, etc etc.  IT JUST CAME OUT.  We’re not all Paragon or something who heroics raids on the PTR, or whatever! Geez.


Lots of fire!

Hm.  So I’ve been testing out shadow as an offspec since there are many complaints about healing priests, disc in particular. I won’t drop disc, but I want and need options for questing.  And MY GOSH questing is so much easier as shadow! That might sound like a no brainer, but it was reasonably easy to do until I hit 88.

Anyway the other day I was in TB with 4 other alliance, 2 of which were with me at ICG.  Holystab shows up and draws out a druid and I follow to help out.  He runs in ICG and starts msging me with

“Are you stupid
dumb ass stop attacking me
thats it your dead”

Well, hi?  It’s um, pvp, and I kill the opposite faction.

So I replied that was how I show love and what did he expect, a make out session?

“well you know me and my pvp friends we like to kill some alli  wanna be the first to die?”

At that point I said sure bring it, I mean boring TB is boring. I want some action.  Told him he was cute when he cries and come back and I’ll brush his hair (joke about blood elf hair).

“ROFL you kids don’t even know how to pvp you just run in numbers and get at me when you cant win 1v1”

Again, hi? You came solo to an unmatched fight.

“its sad how you think your good hiding in numbers, sorry hunny i’d rape you in 2 shots without your back up”

I told him I never said I was any good.  I just picked up shadow the other day.  Then I said I would be 4 shots at least.

“nope I have a 1 shot macro but i’d be a waste on you”

I asked, what if I beg, really hard?

“just a waste of my time to even touch you lul”

Told him he knows he wants to come try.

“you wish”

Then I said I appreciated him making the battle less boring.  This was after he showed up at WV with a holy priest and we rolled them both.

“ROFL SO BAD LUL god i’m laughing so hard at how ad you alli are, ha ha an 86 healer beat your dps, LOL”

There was more, but yeah.  Done talking to that guy, that was beyond rude.